Press Release

2013 © Hikmet GEDİKLİ
Grandson of a grandfather who died on duty as frogman in Italian Navy during Second World War at Greek island Kastellorizo/Megisti… Diabetes nurse, scuba diver, romantic, handsome Giovanni’s excited novel…
While reading this book, you get wet with small droplets of Italian culture, visit Greek island Megisti and then pass across Ka
ş/Turkey, your heart feels the warmth of the sun, shades of the rainbow and the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea...

‘Before the end of the first day without you, I feel in all my cells how hard, how insurmountable not having you with me.
Today, without you, the sea wasn’t as blue as ever, even the fish in the water was unhappy... Today, without you, the sky wasn’t as bright as before, although there are no clouds... Today, the only kiss on my cheek was the scorching sun, scorching fire of my heart is the only light in me... My heart is in flames, but without you, my soul is cold... Today, while I was crossing the door of the house you stayed, my footsteps went back. I imagined for a moment, you were at the pool but there was no one waiting for me... I’m listening Alessandro Safina right now, arias lost the enthusiasm, even notes of the music are offended without you...’